Working channel 2,8, mm. Allows for instillation of fluids and insertion of endoscopic accessories.

Suction button activates efficient suction when pressed. Suction connector allows for connection of suction tube.

ET tube connection for parking of ET tube during insertion.

Distal end. Contains camera, light source (two LED)

Bending angle 140°/110°

Ambu® aScope™ 3 Large  5.8/2.8

Ambu® aScope™ 3 Large 5.8/2.8

The innovative aScope 3 system consists of single-use  flexible scopes in three sizes, compatible with the reusable monitor, Ambu® aView™. The aScope 3 system solves three key challenges: It is instantly available, easy to transport and sterile straight from the pack with no further handling and reprocessing. 

In short, aScope  3 is about enhancing patient safety and productivity. It helps you save time and work smarter by eliminating time consuming steps required today to use, maintain and handle a reusable scope. 

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In July 2013 NICE in UK issued the NICE guidance MTG14 supporting the use of aScope 2 in the OR and ICU settings.

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aScope 3 Key Benefits

  • Better patient safety
    Instant accessibility saves valuable time and improves patient safety
  • High degree of usability 
    The portable plug-and-play system is easy to transport and set up. It is ready for use in no time
  • Cost-efficiency
    Eliminates repair costs as well as any limitations caused by complex reprocessing
  • No risk of cross-contamination
    Sterility straight from the pack eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

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aScopeTM 3 Large is suitable for procedures where a large working channel is needed for management of tough retained secretion.


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Note: Currently not available in the US

May 2016

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